The concept

Pims helps organisers with the ticketing sales and marketing analysis of their events (live shows, sports competitions, exhibitions…).

More than a hundred of them trust Pims.

The features

Online dashboard

It is the heart of the application: Pims provides a complete dashboard for managing your business. Line and bar charts and tables are dynamically computed, event by event.

Bottom line: you get at the same time the big picture and an unparalleled fine analysis allowing for example benchmarking of vendors based on each event price.

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Ticket counts are one the most boring tasks for ticketing services. Pims offers two solutions to ease these tasks:
    1. Automated import of sales: Pims connects to your ticketing system (Trium, Aparté, Weezevent...) to retrieve sales figures by itself according to your own schedule (everyday, twice a week...).
    2. External input of sales: it is possible to provide partners with accounts so that they can input all data that can not be retrieved from ticketing systems by themselves.

Both ways will drastically reduce the work of ticketing services.

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Pims provides various ticketing indicators but its true value comes from adding further correlation. Promotional activities, revenue and cash payments are supported and enrich ticket counts analysis.

Don't just read sales figures: put them in perspective!

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Centralizing data for internal needs is a thing. Sending them out to partners is another thing!

To reach this goal, Pims features a reporting module that will allow you to send easily selected ticketing data (whole sales or detailed figures, revenues, etc.) to defined contacts (artist or agent, director, coproducer, etc.). Pims will generate preconfigured e-mails that just need your approval for sending. All these messages are stored and you can track if they have been received and opened by their recipients.

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Pims is an online solution. However, when data service is off or counts are required for archives or just meetings, Pims features simple and ready-for-usage export formats.

Find all your data through various export templates to Excel or PDF.

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Do you wish to integrate Pims in your IS? Or to create a bridge with your favorite app?

No problem! Pims offers a comprehensive and fully-documented API. Do you need even more? No problem, contact us and we'll be glad to help.

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Who are we?

Pims started in 2010 as a project at Gérard Drouot Productions, one of the largest live show producers in France: Gérard Drouot put his IT manager Fabien Vayssière in charge of creating a software dedicated to sales ticket counts.

In 2012, Fabien got some help from Duong Phan on the development of the first version of Pims. Inchangé : In 2012, Fabien got some help from Duong Phan on the development of the first version of Pims.

With Fabien and Duong, Pims became finally independent in 2016.

Fabien Vayssière

Co-founder & President

Duong Phan

Co-founder & CEO

Charlotte Méquillet


Vanessa Kerjean

Support and Training Officer

Thierry Jacquin

Business Developer

Hervé Coignard

Web / Ops Developer

Naomie Mateta

Executive Assistant

Marianne Genis

Support and Training Officer

Théo Dionisi

Web Developer

Louis Annerel

Community and Communications Officer

Liliane Li

Web Developer

Our references

Gérard Drouot Productions
Adam Concerts
AZ Prod

Contact us

  • Headquarters: 13 rue de Sofia, 75018 Paris, France
  • Office: StartWay, 27 rue des Renaudes, 75017 Paris, France
  • +33 1 86 95 37 47